I love diners. The variety of food at all hours is amazing. My wife has Italian pasta while I have eggs and pancakes.  The catch is that the pasta quality generally isn't what you would get from a fine Italian restaurant.  It's "good enough".

When "good enough" is "good enough" and security consulting is a commodity, there are plenty of options.  We are not one of them.

We specialize in what we do, with a limited range of services within our core expertise.  For services outside of our core offerings, we have a network of similar partners that we will involve.




Unlike many larger consulting firms, we have the benefit of hand picking only the right customers as our customers pick us.  Every engagement is approached as a partnership to achieve the customers goals.  Customers must commit to their inclusion in the security process.

Our customers are those that demand the best and accept nothing less.

While most of our customers are corporations and facility owners, we also serve those within the security industry (CSOs, CISOs, security directors, manufacturers, integrators)

Rest Well

Concierge Level Service

Independent Security Consultants

Our Services

Security is often planned and rarely truly tested.  We will work with you to help you make solid decisions to apply reasonable security controls and best practices.  

Rest well knowing you've done right by your client or yourself.

While there can always be "more" security, we will work to bring the right level to make sure you can rest well every night.

Our Approach

We believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.  Receive global enterprise level experience with the  "mom and pop" level of service.  

Many of the large firms will send their senior level experts to sell the client and then use their junior staff for most of the work.  Is that what you want?  

Only accept the best.  We will call you by name.  We will ask you how your family is.  We want to see pictures of your kids.  


Food Truck not Diner 

Our Customers

Partners or Customers?