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Physical Security Testing & Auditing


Physical Security Penetration Testing (Red Teaming)

Your single best method to learn how to improve your security program. Benchmarking, studying, planning, strategizing and training are all necessary to develop a proper security program. However, how often do you test to see if the ENTIRE program works as planned?

The front door was locked but the cleaners left the back door open. The panic button worked but the central station had the wrong address. The ID cards worked but were old technology that could be copied at a convenience store. Are you guessing that all of the pieces of your security puzzle are working together? When is the last time you actually tested your program?

We thought that they didn’t get in. We were so wrong...
— Past Client (Confidential)

Operational Response Testing

What will your security officers do when your receptionist activates a duress button?

How about if someone tailgates in behind a valid user? Will they follow protocols? Will they grab the person, get violent and put your business at risk?

While the typical goal during penetration testing is to not get caught, the goal of response testing is to certainly get caught. At times, this may take multiple attempts if security operations are weak, resulting in the need to escalate the intensity of the security violation to ensure the officers respond.

Regular operational response testing is a key component of proper training of security officers.

This service is offered both as a scheduled single time service and as a reoccurring service that is randomly timed throughout the year to continuously challenge your officers to improve.

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Auditing and Compliance Testing

The requirement to ensure controls are in place to meet policy, regulations and stakeholder expectations is not a matter to be taken lightly. These projects often range from in depth point by point system inspections to more generalized reviews against standards. Avoid the pitfalls of using internal teams or system providers to check their own work by utilizing an independent and unbiased firm.

Examples of typical projects:

  • Electronic security system testing and inspections

  • Video access and retention auditing

  • Reviews against industry specific regulations