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Businesses need to keep their staff educated on industry best practices and trends. We'll make sure your team is ready for whatever they encounter.​  

Security Consulting, Design and Engineering 

Full service testing of architectural, operational and technological controls.  One of the best ways to demonstrate real life scenarios to security teams and partners while testing security controls.   


Have a trusted partner already?  Great!  We'll be a second set of eyes to bring your project/program from great to the best it can be.

Security Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

Physical Security Hacking

Security Consulting Peer Review

End users and manufacturers often wish to know if their systems have bypasses available.  While red team testing focuses on the entire environment, physical security hacking services focus specifically on an identified piece of technology.  

Physical security and electronic designs are at the core of building designs.  We partner with owners and architects to assure security controls are seamlessly integrated into their designs.  

Our consultants' experience spans all areas of the industry, from manufacturing to installation, service, investigations, incident management  and more.

Training, Seminars & Events 

Expert Witness &
​Subject Matter Expertise

industry best practices

Red Team Physical Security and Social Engineering Testing

Subject matter expertise to support insurance issues, investigations and expert witness work for the insurance and legal industries.

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All security decisions should be based on the associated risks.  Balancing the fine line of risk management is a challenging task and requires proper data to support decisions.    Assessment services allow for educated decisions based on a responsible review of threats, vulnerabilities and risks.